Anti Sleep Pilot & iPhone app helps fight driver fatigue

Driver fatigue is a serious problem on the roads of Georgia and elsewhere around the country. It most commonly affects drivers over long distances or who are professional transportation operators like truck drivers or bus drivers.

Too often the outcome of driver fatigue is a preventable accident. According to statistics upwards of 25% of all fatal accidents and 40% of single car accidents are caused by driver fatigue.

Technology is often cited as a distraction to drivers on the road, like this fatal pedestrian accident related to a Facebook update. Texting laws and distracted driver campaigns are common reports in the media. However, a new device and partner iPhone app is poised to offer a technology solution to the problems of drive fatigue. The device is called the Anti Sleep Pilot.

The Anti Sleep Pilot works like this

The Anti Sleep Pilot device is placed onto the dashboard of your vehicle. The settings are customized to the drivers particular needs and related to driving conditions on the road. The device then calculates reaction times to the device testing alertness among drivers. Once a drivers response time hits a critical level a warning is then issued for the driver to take a break.

Although this is not a fool proof solution, as it still requires a driver to actually respond to the device it goes a long way towards making drivers aware when fatigue is setting in. And helping to raise more awareness of driver fatigue.

Anti Sleep Pilot for iPhone

The partner product to this device is the iPhone app Anti Sleep Pilot. It provides real time statistics monitoring your progress while driving long distances. It helps plan your trip as well as rest breaks, offers and overview of your projected fatigue levels and allows for controlling your music without exiting the application.

We have not had the opportunity to test this product or the iPhone application. If you have, please let us know we would like to know what you think of the product. According to the website, at the core of this technology is a computer algorithm based on collaborative research among multiple disciplines of scientific study.

The brain of the product uses the patented Anti Sleep Pilot algorithm developed in close cooperation with sleep scientists, designers, mathematicians and engineers specializing in road traffic and electronics. This interdisciplinary research has been ongoing for four years.

From what we can tell by the description of this iPhone app it requires multiple entries regarding different factors related to the driver. Everything from how much sleep in the last 2-3 days, age, work hours per week, to name a few. It then calculates your response time to the device relative to these other input factors to determine fatigue levels and suggested break times.

Once again, we have not evaluated this product and we do not know how long it takes to enter these values or if the application remembers some stats that are slow to change, such as age and hours worked a week. To us, it seems like a considerable amount of information to place into the device every time you want to drive. This may be a hindering to some drivers who are pressed for time and “just want to get on the road”. However, if there were some sort of compliance requirements from an employee then we could see more consistent use. At first inspection it does not appear to be a device a commuter would use.

We look forward to more reviews of this product over the coming months to see what others think about these products. If you’d like to leave your review, the attorneys at Link & Smith P.C. would love to hear from you!

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