Personal Injury Lawyers Who Don’t Charge Upfront Fees

When you’ve been injured, the last thing you need to worry about is a legal fee. Personal injury lawyers with your best interests in mind will only charge you when you receive your deserved compensation. If you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer who doesn’t charge upfront fees, then choose the attorneys at Link & Smith P.C.

If you’ve suffered from a traumatic personal injury, you are likely dealing with serious trauma. You need compensation that will cover your personal damages, but you won’t be able to get said compensation unless you hire a personal injury attorney. Insurance companies will likely tell you that you don’t need a lawyer. They will tell you that you can do everything yourself, and that a lawyer is not necessary. This is simply not the case. Insurance companies want to save money, plain and simple. They know that when an attorney is involved, you will receive a greater monetary settlement.

But why is it important to hire a lawyer who charges no upfront fees?

  • A lawyer who doesn’t charge upfront fees is invested in you as an individual, not as a means of profit.
  • A lawyer who doesn’t charge upfront fees is only paid when you receive quality case results with superior compensation.
  • Lawyers who don’t charge upfront fees work on a contingency basis. When choosing an injury attorney, always look for this particular quality.

Working on an contingency basis means:

A contingency basis is very different from regular lawyers’ fees. Basically, attorneys who work on a contingency basis are only paid when you are, meaning that you are not paying out of pocket while you are dealing with your injuries. This is the key to understanding whether or not your attorney is truly invested in your personal needs.

The personal injury lawyers at Link & Smith P.C. always work on a contingency basis, and they have achieved incredible case results, with some monetary amounts worth upwards of $40 million. They also exclusively practice personal injury law, meaning that they do not handle tax law, family law, or criminal law. This insures that they have the focus needed to get you the case results you deserve.

The attorneys at Link & Smith P.C. handle a variety of personal injury claims including auto-accidents, motorcycle accidents, tractor-trailer accidents, boating and jet-ski accidents, in addition to DUI victim representation.

If you’re looking for attorneys who charge no upfront fees, look no further than the law firm of Link & Smith P.C. Call today for a complementary consultation at 404-315-8840.

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